S11 Visa Updates

S11 Visa Updates

We are very happy to advise clients that there has been some progress in the required governmental work authorisations that will make coming to shoot in South Africa just that little bit easier.

As always, we will guide you to the best possible option for your team and will assist you every step of the way, but now it’s just that tiny bit simpler. Especially for the “oversight” travellers.

Should you need more information, please refer to our previous blog posts on the same matter, right here on our site.

Please see below the latest developments, as per FIVA:

1. Wording on Visas

Currently visas are issued with the specific company who applied for the visa’s name on the applicant’s visa.

Going forward should an applicant present a Fiva letter, the visa will be issued to read “To work in the Film Industry  as [job description] ” as opposed to “To work for company X” 

This concession means that all S11 applicants will be able to work for various companies and not only the company who initially applied for the visa. 

The condition here is that such applicants MUST apply for a FIVA letter each time they enter the Country in order for FIVA to be able to account for their whereabouts to the Department. The company who brings them in is thus still responsible for their travel and this responsibility will not lie with the company who brought them in the first time for the full period.

2. Frequent Travelers such as Director, DP & Photographers

The fact that the s11 will now be issued to read “to work in the film industry” means that a director can apply for a three year visa ( S11.1.b.iv ), obtain it in 5 working days and then work for any company and come in and out as many times as he likes for three years – as long as they get a letter from FIVA each time they enter, after they have received the visa.

 3. Turnaround times for s11.1.b.iv

 Currently many embassies take up to 30 working days to process s11.1.b.iv visas. Going forward these visas will be processed within 5 working days or in extreme cases 10 days.

4. Extensions at VFS in Cape Town

Currently the VFS in Cape Town only accepts application for extensions if the visa is valid for 60 days or more. 

   This concession ensures that you can apply for an extension to your s11.2 at any point as long as your visa is still valid. (we would still advise however to allow enough time here for Pretoria to process the extensions)

   This concession also removes the need to present medical and radiology reports when applying for an extension for s11.2

   The department has also agreed to assist in ensuring extensions are granted in a timely manner.

 6. DHA84 Form

 Currently the requirement is that people coming in on “Oversight” from visa exempt countries need to complete and present the DHA 84 form at port of entry, even though they are in essence only receiving visitors visas.

The Department has agreed that in fact these travelers do not need to complete and present the DHA 84 form going forward, please note that everyone else including “oversight” travelers from visa non exempt countries still need to complete and present the dha 84 form at the embassy/ VFS/ Mission.

 Oversight travellers from Visa exempt Countries only need to present the following at port of entry:

  • The Fiva letter printed in colour
  • Valid Passport (must be valid for 30 days after intended return – MUST have 2 blank pages marked “visa”)
  • Flight itinerary – confirmed reservations
  • Yellow fever certificate where applicable