S11 Authorisation Ups and Downs

S11 Authorisation Ups and Downs

From our recent experience in getting S11 authorisations for our specialist travellers, it would appear that the new directive issued by Home Affairs has caused a modicum of confusion amongst the varying embassies across the globe.

The revised system is working very well for the Oversight travellers ( Agency, Client and Producers ) who bring their S11 paperwork to their port of entry and are issued their S11 on arrival. Unfortunately, the different embassies around the world seem to be interpreting the new directive in their own ways, which is causing confusion for all the Specialist applicants.

The CPA has today issued a notice that they have been in meetings with Home Affairs last week to address the confusion and they hope that Home Affairs will correct the hiccups within the next week or so.

Until the details have been ironed out, when processing the S11 paperwork for the specialist travellers, Red Petal will contact the embassies on job confirmation and then work with your team to ensure the applications run as smoothly as possible.

A little more patience and we hope that the system should be smoother than ever. 🙂