Proudly South African

Proudly South African

What a treat to be able to be part of the Cape Town tribute to Tata Madiba.

Along with 40 000 other South Africans we gathered on this beautiful evening to immerse ourselves in all that was Nelson Mandela.

To the sounds of Annie Lennox, Johnnie Clegg, Freshly Ground, Lady Smith Black Mambazo and many more, we cried, danced, sang, screamed and immersed ourselves in the “ubuntu” filling the stadium.

Being a part of 40 000 people singing our national anthem with such pride and gusto made us so proud to be South African.



freshlygroundHowever, the true highlight was that same crowd joining Johnnie Clegg in singing “Asimbonanga” – heart stopping and soul enriching.

 As the final Brenda Fassie song was being belted out, the crowd gathered together as many of the glow sticks they could and created a long line through the stadium. A truly beautiful symbol of our rainbow nation.






Thank you Mother City for a fitting goodbye to our nations father.